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A new light entertainment space, SENDAI LUMINACT, is born in Sendai.

At the foot of the Sendai Castle ruins, Aoba Park will transform into a "Playground of Light."

There are plenty of activities that utilize the natural scenery of Aoba Mountain, such as hot air balloon experiences at night, ground painting light-ups, and projection mapping.

Furthermore, the stage will feature performances by the performance group "Shiro A" and the Oshu-Sendai hospitality group "Date Bushotai," among others.

There will also be a food and drink area where you can enjoy various treats.

Come and enjoy a night wrapped in the magic of lights at Aoba Park!






・SENDAIルミナクト駐車場予約(昼 9:00-15:00)1,000円×100枚
・SENDAIルミナクト駐車場予約(夜 16:00-21:00)1,500円×200枚

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